Melk Marketing is specialized in the renovation, construction projects and the management of multi-tenant buildings and condos for over 10 years.  

We provide the following group of services:

  1. Renovations, project management and construction
  2. Property management

We have a team of professional building managers to take the full responsability of all the steps necessary to make your building profitable and worry free. 

Melk Marketing will take care of all the aspects of your buildings from rent collection, cleaning, maintenance, rental board cases, minor and major renovations for multi-units buildings, condos or semi-commercial buildings.

 We will provide you with savings since we have volume purchase plans with renovations material, inssurances and all type of contractors. You time is valuable and we know that therefore your time and effort will be available for decision making process only when needed based on your criterias.

We will provide a free consultation and guidance on areas of improvements and areas that we will increase your profitability.